Daikin 7Kw Special at $2150 L series

Daikin 7.1Kw all installed back to back limited offer with one set of 140KG wall brackets .
This unit has a 14 meter air throw which means it can throw air up to 14 meters in any one direction ,we have found after all the years in the industry that Daikin is the by far the best money for value ac unit on the market .

Daikin US7 Pricing for Back to Back installation .

Daikin US7 2.5Kw all installed $2400 all installed

Daikin US7 3.5Kw all installed $2900 all installed

Daikin US7 5.0Kw all installed $3800 all installed

Daikin`s US7 is one of the only wall split systems that brings fresh air from out into your rooms ,with the best air-purifying filtering systems on wall splits systems you can breath much easier .

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